Sep 17, 2018

What is Black Mask and What Does it Do ?

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What is Black Mask and What Does it Do ?

Do you wonder the benefits of black mask we often hear about these days?

Here is everything you’ve been wondering about black mask…

black-mask-net-benefits-is-what-does-what are the benefits

black-mask-net-benefits-is-what-does-what are the benefits

Black mask is a skin mask proceeded without losing polyphenol’s natural texture due to being underground for centuries. Polyphenol is also known to be healing various dieases by mud baths. There are calsium, zinc and potasium in the mask which gets its colours from natural¬† extracts. It’s possible to list the benefits of black mask which is applied easily and smoothly ;

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  • Helps removing dead skin cells
  • Gets rid of wrinkles in a noticable way
  • Refreshes the skin, makes it look shiny and alive
  • Cleans the skin
  • Helps decrease redness and bloated areads
  • Creates a detox effect
  • It opens the filled up pores and removes the blackheads on first use
  • It decreases the negative effects of enviroment and dust in the air
  • Supports refreshing skin cells, balances blood movements
  • It is budget friendly
  • After mask there is noticable relaxition feeling and softness/shine
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How to Use Black Mask?

Blacks mask, easily accesible in supemarkets, opens your pores and helps blackheads come to surface. You can apply the mask with a brush without using fingers, avoiding the eye area. Mask will dry. Do not touch while it is. Wait aprox. 30 minutes and clean your face with warm water. You can peel it as well. Even tho it is okay to apply once a week, we recommend you to use twice a week. It is also important to avoid makeup and rest your face after you use the mask.

black-mask-skin-is-good sounds

black-mask-skin-is-good sounds

What is Black Mask Made Of ?

It is made by processing natural polyphenols which has been under the ground of centuries. Polyphenols are compounds of multiple phenols. Polyphenols are natural chemicals fighting aganist radicals. It’s sometimes found in some plants and food. Black mask contains a high amount of polyphenols. Some fruits that contain polyphenols are ; strawberries, orange family, bluberries and raspberries.

Is There Anything Harmful In Black Mask?

According to the researches, it has no harm and it’s available for every skin type. You need to be sure to remove it when it’s completely dry. Do not apply very near the hairline due to its peeling power.

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