Apr 1, 2019

The Perfect Foundation for Older Skin | Beauty As you get older like your skin…

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The Perfect Foundation for Older Skin | Beauty As you get older like your skincare you need to change your foundation. Heavier oil free brands make way for more luminous moisturising formulations better suited to mature skin. And I've been trying to find that magic new foundation for quite a while. It's a saga – grab a coffee – but it does have an outcome and a few suggestions along the way that you might find useful.. Because what didn't work for me might work great for you – foundation is so skin specific which is why there are a gazillion brands and formulations in the market. The main frustration for me in my search though hasn't just been finding a product I like it's been finding one that then doesn't get discontinued. Three times I've found one that works for me…and three times the product has been discontinued. Starting with Kiki who had an amazing foundation a couple of years ago called Anti-Age: I bought a couple of bottles and then noticed it went into the sale. I asked if it might be discontinued…beacause I'd have bought all that was left if it was going to be. But I assured it wasn't by the shop assistant. Next thing you know – it's discontinued and replaced by another that's just not as good. Back to square one. Then I discovered Estee Lauder Double Wear Light and fell in love with it. It had a natural coverage lasted all day and worked well on older skin. Within a few months of buying it IT was discontinued too…and replaced by NEW Double Wear Light which they told me is more amazing with new shades and a fabulous formulation. I had heard mixed reports online but was determined to make my own mind up about it but within a few minutes of applying I know it wasn't for me. Turns out it's an oil free formulation and my skin immediately felt tight and dry. I tried it with primers and different moisturisers underneath but it wasn't to be. Then I did what I always do when this happens I break all my skincare rules and try a less expensive foundation in the hope that it will be that amazing one that turns out to be a complete dupe for something more high end. You can find a few gems (see my next paragraph) but I can confirm that Maybelline Dream Satin is not it. My second less expensive option was more successful – Note BB cream. This was definitely more impressive and I used it for about a month. Didn't quite scratch the itch though as it was a little heavier in coverage that I wanted. One worth trying though if you like a heavier foundation. Next influenced buy – and moving to mid-range now – was the IT cosmetics CC cream which has the bonus of being SPF 50. I do like it but the coverage is too heavy and unfortunately I bought the wrong colour online. Well worth checking out though if you have a stockist nearby that will colour match as the sun protection aspect is so great for your skin. I'm still in foundation no man's land though so next step was that I got a sample of Clarins Skin Illusion at the counter in Menarys in Lisburn. Loved it and went back to buy a bottle. Small problem – the sample I was given was the old formulation. Which has been discontinued and replaced by this one… Sigh. I took a sample of this new one and tried it for a week and it just didn't do it for me. The coverage is lighter and it felt like too much work to get my base the way I wanted. Most of us only have 10 minutes to do our faces in the morning and don't have time for building up coverage gradually. Back to the Note CC cream for a few more weeks until I was heading up from Tipperary the other weekend and called into the Boulevard in Banbridge for a pitstop. And struck gold. I found the old formula of the Clarins Skin Illusion in the Beauty Outlet shop in Banbridge en route up from Tipperary – priced at 3 bottles for 20!!! Sadly it's not available online but if you have a Beauty Outlet near you it's well worth taking a look and even if you're just a Clarins fan generally it's worth looking at their site to see the discontinued lines they are selling. A friend who saw my mention of the foundation on Instagram the other day managed to find the lipstick that she wore on her wedding day (which had been discontinued) on the Outlet site and was able to repurchase it. How lovely is that? So I'm hoping this ends my foundation hunt for now – until the 3 bottles run out anyway. Maybe by then some other brand will have come up with an amazing option for older skin – something glowy luminous with SPF and wrinkle reducing properties. Do share if you can recommend one! Ax Beauty clarions skin illusion foundation foundation for over 40's the perfect foundation

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