Sep 28, 2018

The Benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil On Skin

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The Benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil On Skin

Apricots can be used in many homemade care recipres, but the real effect of it is oil made by its dried seed. Apricot seed contains a high level of vitamin C so it moisturizes without extra oiling and repairs the skin damaged by sun.

apricot kernel oil price

apricot kernel oil price

The Benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil On Skin ;

  • It moisturizes the skin
  • It feeds the skin
  • It is easily sucked up by the skin
  • It is rich on vitamin A
  • It provides protection against the sun
  • It contains vitamin E
  • It slows down wrinkles
  • It helps with itchiness diseases
  • It makes the skin more flexible
  • It doesn’t cause extra oiling
Againist Damaged Skin

Againist Damaged Skin

Againist Damaged Skin

While it is a great oil, it is also rich on vitamin A that is sucked up by the skin very easily. It is highly effective on repairing damaged skins, making it smooth and soft again.

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For Sensitive Skins

If you are looking for something relaxing for allergetic and sensitive skins, this is the one for you. It can be used due to containing vitamin E and A, treat dermatit and eczema with its preventing infection effects. It reduces itchiness and prevents infections. We still recommend you to ask your doctor if you are on any other skin treatments.


It Makes The Skin More Flexible

If you have apricot kernel oil with homemade masks, you can provide your skin to be more flexible. While it balances skin tone, it moisturizes and softens the skin. All these is the reason why this oil is used at beauty centers.

For Sensitive Skins

For Sensitive Skins

Againist Wrinkles

Many factors like sun and uv lights, air pollution and aging causes wrinkles and you can use apricot kernel oil to reduce enviromental factors. While it deeply cleans the skin, it reduces the production of wrinkles.


Recipe for It

You can use smashed apricots or apricot kernel oil but let us give you a recipe. Ingredients needed ; A tea spoon of organic honey, a half bowl of clay, 1-2 tea spoons of apricot kernel oil. Mix all the ingredients. Apply to your face and wait 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water. You can add lemon juice before the mask if your face is too oily.

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Apricot is suitable to use for your skin in general but some people might have allergies for it. If you notice any rash, redness or itchiness, see a doctor.

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