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The Befenits of Sage Tea

The Befenits of Sage Tea

It heals wounds, strengthens the brain, helps neausea, gets rid of toxins, releases stress.. The list goes on with the benefits of sage tea…

Where Is Sage Tea Planted

Where Is Sage Tea Planted

Sage tea which helps with lots of problems and diseases is a healthy a plant commonly found in our country. Here are the benefits of – often consumed in colder weather- sage tea, with its beautiful smelll ;


  • It heals wounds.
  • You can smash it and rub on your teeth to whiten them.
  • If you are a person sweating at one, you can drink one before bedtime.
  • It helps with dandruf in hair.
  • It strengthens the mind. People who easily forget things can use it.
  • It helps with neausea.
  • It gets rid of dangerous toxins in our body.
  • It cleans our liver.
  • It releases cancer, causes relaxition.
  • It slows down the production of white hair.
  • It helps with headache.
  • It also helps with sore throat.
  • It can be used as mouth wash.
  • It slows down aging.
  • It prevents non-energetic feeling
  • It’s good for children to drink it with honey.
  • It protects digesting organs.
  • It decreases the effects of bronchitis and asthma.
  • It helps with skin rash and diseases.
  • It is effective on preventing depression.
  • It decreases the chances of fat production.
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Where Is Sage Tea Planted?

As a plant prefering warmer areas, sage tea can be planted in many places. The Mediterranean shores is very suitable for it. This plant is usually 30-70 cm long. It is more suiable for planting it in warmer areas in the winter.

How to Brew Sage Tea

How to Brew Sage Tea

How to Brew Sage Tea?

In sotores there is two types of sage tea; bags and fresh. It is more recommend to buy the fresh ones and brew them.


To Brew Sage Tea;  You are going to need fresh or dried sage tea leaves. You can take 6-7 leaves or a tea spoon of smashed ones. This will be enough for two people. Boil some water. Put the leaves in it. Boil 1 more minute. Then let it brew. It is enough to wait 5 minutes.

To Use Bags; Put the bag in the boiled water. Wait a minute to brew. Shake the bag in the water to brew better.


To benefit from sage tea, you can drink 2 cups every day. But you must not drink more than 3 cups. It can raise blood pressure in risky numbers. It is not recommend for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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How to Use It For Mouth Wash

How to Use It For Mouth Wash

How to Use It For Mouth Wash?

Use the boiling techniques and leave it to brew for 10 minutes. After the water cools down, you can use it as mouth wash for 2-3 times a day. You can use the prepared one for a  day. Do not use for more than a day. Prepare a new one for the other day.

As for the benefits of using it as a mouth wash ; it is effective against smelly breaths. It helps with coughing, sore throat and throat infections. It helps with gum infection treatment. As you must not consume it as a pregnant woman, you must also not use it as a mouth wash as well.

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