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Skin Care with Baby Powder

Skin Care with Baby Powder
Written by Lisa Scholfield

Skin Care with Baby Powder

Yoı must know how soft and sensitive baby skins are. Have you ever thought about how would it be if we used baby powder as reparinig as it is?

Skin Care with Baby Powder

Skin Care with Baby Powder

Can Baby Powder Be Applied to A Face?

You can apply it to your face because it has repairing effects. It is also highly effective to prevent irritation after waxing.


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What Are Baby Powder’s Benefits to Our Face?

  • 1-You can use baby powder to prevent bad shine produced by extra oil on your skin.


  • 2-Baby powder is also very effective to decrease over sweating throughtout the day.


  • 3-It dries present acnes and it decreases the bad look


  • 4- you apply it to your eyelashes, it helps the growth and makes them look bigger.


  • 5-You can apply baby powder twice a week to get rid of blemishes


  • 6-It helps the skin look smoother.


  • 7-You can use it for oily hair as a dry shampoo.


Skin Masks with Baby Powder


Anti-Acne Baby Powder Mask

Skin Care with Baby Powder

Skin Care with Baby Powder

Ingredients :

  • A tea spoon of baby powder
  • Couple drops of water
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Preparation and Application :

  1. Add baby powder to a small cup and drop a little bit of water.

2.Mix till it takes a smooth form.

3.Apply to your face and wait half an hour.

4.Wash off with cold water

5.You can apply once or twice a week.


Baby Powder Mask for A Smooth Skin


Ingredients :

  • A full and a half tea spoon of baby powder
  • Two table spoons of soda


Preparation and Application :

1.Mix the ingredients till it takes a smooth form.

2.Apply to your face and wait 5-10 minutes.

3.Wash off with cold water.

4.You can have a smooth skin if you apply it once a week.


Comments of Users For Baby Powder On Skin Care

  • They usually say they get positive results on acne.
  • It helps tightening pores.
  • People with oily skin use it often
  • There are people who claim it prevents pores from breathing so they’re not sure about using it.
  • There is no possible fact of non-existing harmful risks in long term use.

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