Sep 26, 2018

Losing Weight With Thyme Juice

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Losing Weight With Thyme Juice

Benefits of Tyhme Juice

Benefits of Tyhme Juice

There are many ways to get rid of extra oil that causes nightmares to people. Main ones are staying away from junk food, eating balanced and healthy, cauing your body to move. Using natural products is also very effective.


When we think about nature’s wonders, there indeed are many plants to cause natural fat burning and lose weight. Plants also create the source of medicines which are used for all kinds of diseases.

One of these plants to deal with a lot of issues is thyme. With an exotic smell liked by some, tyhme makes our metabolism faster and helps the fat burn while giving delicious taste to our meals.

Thyme is entitled to burn extra fat. Tyhme also balances our blood pressure. It has carried itself to the number one on prefered plants.

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Benefits of Tyhme Juice

Tyhme contains iron, vitamin K, magnesium and calsium which is anti-bacterial. It gives strength to the body. It is approved by doctors that thyme juice helps gum infections, sore throat and scars in the mouth when used as a mouthwash.

It is also known to get rid of smelly breath. It has healing effects on cough, germs, digesting problems and period cramps. The golden effect of thyme juice is helping the weight loss. It fastens the metabolism by increasing blood pressure and oxygen usage. It  burns fat and turns it to energy.

When you start the journey of weight loss, it will be one of your biggest weapons. But it’s not possible to lose weight only with tyhme juice and not doing anything else. You need to forget about it if you think it’d work like that.

How to Make Thyme Juice

How to Make Thyme Juice

How to Make Thyme Juice

It is important for tyhme leaves to be fresh. Dry tyhme loses its effects. So fresh ones must be used. We will use two cups to make thyme juice.

Take a big cup and fill it with water, and add tyhme leaves to a smaller cup. Put the smaller cup in the bigger cup to boil.Wait an hour and it will be ready.

Tyhme juice will be bitter by itself so you can mix it with other things. If you decide to ;

Add 3 tomatoes and a lemon to thyme juice. Mix it well and drink.

If you don’t have time to make tyhme juice, we suggest you to drink it as a tea. Add 2 table spoons of fresh tyhme to a glass of boiled water. Wait for 3-4 minutes.

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If it’s bitter, you can add lemon to the tea. If you drink it while it’s still warm you will see the results within time. The more time it waits, the bitter it comes.

You can drink it in the day, between meals or hungry. You can also flavour it with fruits if it’s too bitter for you. We do not recommend you to use drink more than a cup every day. It can cause headache and dizziness on too much usage.

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