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Benefits of Lemon On Hair

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Benefits of Lemon On Hair


Benefits of lemon on hair is known for healthy growth and bleaching hair. In older ages it was also used to style the hair. While lemon it’s good for hair cause it contains lots of vitamin C, it also feeds hair roots and prevents dandruff.

In this article we will give you details on how to feed the hair with lemon, does lemon help growing and bleaching hair with lemon.

What Are Lemon’s Benefits On Hair

As we use lemon for meals and salads, it’s also useable on skin and hair. So what are its benefits ;

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  • Lemon is a great bleacher for hair.
  • Lemon juice helps hair problems.
  • It helps blood pressure balance on your roots.
  • It helps hair growth.
  • It prevents hair loss.
  • It balances oil in the hair.
  • It is useful for getting rid of bacteria.
  • It gets rid of dandruff.
  • It feeds the roots. If you apply lemon juice to your hair it will look shiny and alive.
  • It prevents itchy feeling.
  • It prevents breakage.
What Are Lemon's Benefits On Hair

What Are Lemon’s Benefits On Hair

It is often recommended to apply lemon juice to your hair since it has a lot of benefits.

You can squeeze it into your shampoo or mix it with water and apply to your hair.

People with dry hair should not use lemon juice on their hair. Lemon juice is available for oily hair type. It causes irritation and burning feeling on dry hair type.

Hair Mask with Lemon


  • A half tea spoon of olive oil
  • 1/3 tea spoon of lemon juice
  • A half tea spoon of honey

Preparation and Application

Mix all the ingredients above in a bowl. Apply to your hair brush and slowly comb your hair. Hold for 30 minutes and wash off with cold water. You can apply once a week. By doing this mask regularly, you can prevent hair loss and care for your hair. You will notice the shine after the first use.

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How to Bleach Hair With Lemon

We’d like to give you an effective mask recipe to bleach your hair with lemon. We will also be answering all of your questions in the articleç


  • 4 freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/4 glass of water

Preparation and Application

Mix the ingredients and put it in a spray bottle. Wet your hair with it and wait under the sun for 2 hours. You need to wash off after 2 hours. Do not forget to apply hair cream after since lemon juice will dry your hair after 2 hours. If you apply once a week for an entire month you will see the results.

Hair Mask with Lemon

Hair Mask with Lemon

Applying Lemon On Hair

You can use the mask we gave you. If you apply lemon juice directly to your(without water) it will harm the hair on long term. We want to answer all of your questions about benefits of lemon on hair.


Negative Effects of Lemon On Hair

There are harms of lemon just like benefits. Lemon contains acid so people with dry hair must not use it at all. Do not ever apply the processed lemon juice, use freshly squeezed ones. Do not apply too often. Once a week is totally enough.

The harm of applying lemon comes from too much usage. When it’s used regularly and enough dosage, there is no harm.

Negative Effects of Lemon On Hair

Questions About Benefits of Lemon On Hair

We tried to give you detailed answers. Here are the most popular questions and the answers.

Does Lemon Whiten Hair

Lemon has an acidic texture so it has a whitening effect. It should not be used on vey dark hair colours.

Does Lemon Help the Hair Growth

Lemon does help the hair growth along looking healthy and alive. You will notice the difference once you use our mask.

Does Lemon Prevent Dandruff

Lemon is very effective on preventing dandruff. You can prevent dandruff on your hair by applying our mask.

Does Lemon Bleach Your Hair

Lemon is often used for the process. You can bleach your hair in a really short time with it.

Styling Your Hair With Lemon

Using lemon instead of other hair productions for styling can be harmful. It should not be used often. Lemon does style your hair easier but you must be very careful.

We tred to give you information on benefits of lemon on your hair in this article. You can try the recipes we gave you. You can ask us your questions.

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